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Kendu Bay

Kendu Bay is a bay and town in Kenya. The area is the part of Rachuonyo District in Homa Bay County. It is located on the shore of Lake Victoria along Katito-Homa-Bay road. Kosele, the district capital is 25 kilometres southeast of Kendu Bay. Kisumu, the provincial capital is located 40 kilometres north of Kendu Bay, but the route to Kisumu, which goes via Ahero, is much longer as it circumvents Winam Gulf in between. Kendu Bay is also linked by a road to Homa Bay, located 30 kilometres southwest.

Kendu Bay forms a town council with a population of 29,638 (1999 census[1]). Kendu Bay town council has four wards: Gendia/Awach, Gumba/Jieri, Rambira and Simbi/Kogembo. All of them are located within Karachuonyo Constituency.[2] Kendu Bay is also headquarters of East Karachuonyo division of Rachuonyo District.

The area is the birthplace of Barack Obama, Sr., the father of U.S. President Barack Obama, and his parents Hussein Onyango Obama and Habiba Akumu Nyanjoga. Obama, Sr., was raised in Alego.[3] Reference

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Coordinates: 0°22′S 34°39′E / 0.367°S 34.65°E / -0.367; 34.65

For many years Kendu Bay was known as the entertainment capital of Nyanza, with its famed ‘Kendu Show’, which attracted musicians and bands from all over Kenya. However, the show has waned and disappeared over the years. Today the show-ground is a mere relic of its illustrious past, as is the Old pier that used to be an important port of call for steamers and ships from as far as Uganda and Tanzania.

green, green, green…

green, green, green...

The rice was cooked in the fire less cooker.

Mothers in Kendu bay going green

Mothers in Kendu bay going  green

This is what they call a fire less cooker.one can boil rice, eggs, tea e.t.c comfortably in the sun inside this hand woven basket. It is just a normal basket made out of fibers and sisal, but inside is puffed with sponge and then laced with a black cloth. the cooking pot (Sufuria) is a normal one with a lid, but round it (on the outside) is painted black, and the lid is also painted black to absorb more heat. then the food is covered and put in the sun. after 45 minutes, the rice was cooked and very delicious i may say….

End product

End product

This is how the energy saving cooker looks like when it is done. It can use a maximum of three pieces of firewood, and can also use only one piece (as demonstrated). They encourage women to use these because of reduced emissions



Ms. Naomi Atieno explaining advantages of embarking on the energy saving , inbuilt cookers. Looking on,i to is Mrs. Patricia Ogutu, MAMI trustee

In -built mud cooker

In -built mud cooker

The women learning how to make energy saving in-built cookers. This was an exchange educational visit from Nyando women. With their leader, a very inspiring Ms. Naomi Atieno on the lead