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MAMI is a grass-root initiative whose mission is to empower African mothers of limited education and means to develop and realize their individual potentials as earners, carers, decision makers, educators and community builders.

To achieve this, MAMI provides mothers in Kendu Bay Kenya with access to knowledge to help themselves improve their lives and that of their families and communities. MAMI recognizes and celebrates the central role of mothers for the wellbeing of this and future generations. Through its practical work, MAMI aims to contribute to a long term cultural development towards greater gender equality and respect for human rights.

MAMI is based on a spirit of solidarity and support between mothers from around the world.

The concept for Mamma Africa was developed on a beach in Scotland in the summer of 2008 by Kenyan actress, women’s rights activist and mother Ms. Sophie D. Ogutu and her German friend Dr. Anuschka Miller, a mother, marine scientist and human rights activist.Their friendship goes back to the year 2001 when Sophie was a prisoner of conscience at the  Nakuru G.K prison in Kenya while Anuschka was  and her local Amnesty International group in Oban worked towards her release.

Therefore, MAMI recognizes and celebrates the central role of mothers for the well being of this and future generations.

MAMI is a registered trust


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  1. Anuschka

    May 3, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    Congratulations on getting started on a nice looking blog! I am looking forward to reading about all the trials of tribulations of motherhood/ grandmotherhood in Kendu Bay to compare notes with the life of us ‘Scottish’ mums. And then I am curious about the training events you put on, and the effect they have on the community.

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