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Hygiene and Sanitation

MAMI is embarking on training mothers and volunteers in the area on how to make / sew sanitary towels for 2,500 girls , targeting primary and secondary school going grils, with the aim of  keeping the girls in schools. The reason MAMI finds this project very vital is because of the following facts:

  • A girl absent from school due to menses for 4 days in 28 days (a month) loses 13 learning days equivalent to 2 weeks of learning in every school term.
  • In a year (9 months) a girl loses 39 learning days equivalent to 6 weeks of learning time. A girl in primary school between grades 6 and 8 (3 years) loses 18 learning weeks out of 108 weeks.
  • Within the 4 years of high school the same girl loses 156 learning days equivalent to almost 24 weeks out of 144 weeks of learning in High school!!
  • This is a clear indication that a girl child is a school drop-out while still in school

Therefore, absentism in schools for girls :-

  • Is a sure threat to the realization of the gender equity and equality in education in Kenya.
  • It follows therefore, that Kenya as a country is unlikely to achieve Education for All (EFA) Goals, Gender Parity by 2015 and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

School Feeding Program /s


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